What’s New In The Apple 4K TV That Makes It The Next Big Launch That You Need To Check

What’s New In The Apple 4K TV That Makes It The Next Big Launch That You Need To Check

Last day Apple in its special event ‘Spring loaded’ brought the customers a whole new package of new gadgets amongst which AirTag stands to be a new big initiative as a tracker. However, all the other products such as iMac, iPad Pro and the Apple TV sure brought us some mesmerising changes to demand a visit to the nearest outlet.

The Apple TV is a 4K quality monitor that is priced at 18,000 INR. You can simply get your hands on the gadget from its official website or from its authorized retailers.  The sale of the item will commence from 30th April and will be high on product availability by the 15th of May. 

Now if you want to have your 5-way touch-enabled click pad Siri remote, you can have the same with an extra 5800 INR which is however operable with the previous variants of Apple 4k televisions as well. In addition, there is a specific power button, however, the SIRI button has relocated its position to the side.

The brand states that they going to work with top-notch channels such as FOX Sports, NBCUniversal, RED Bull TV, Paramount Plus and lastly Canal Plus to entertain the user with magnificent HD contents. Further, the brand also commented that the TV will produce automatically tailored picture quality using the iPhone sensor to adjust to the more improved image standard.

The device supports Dolby Vision and is powered by Apple’s A12 Bionic processor. In addition, the gadget is compatible to let the user play HDR videos or images that comes with a faster framerate. One can also play 4K HDF content under 60 fps. 

Further, customers can also enjoy 4K Dolby Vision videos using their iPhone 12. On that note, Apple phone users can also use their iPhones light sensor to calibrate the Apple TV that can be used to modify the light and colour scheme of the TV.

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