Delhi Lockdown Raises Needs For People To Queue In Front Of  Liquor Stores

Delhi Lockdown Raises Needs For People To Queue In Front Of Liquor Stores

Ahead of Delhi Lockdown, people are gathering up in front of liquor stores in this strange time of pandemic. Well, daily reports suggest that covid 19 is not going to leave the country anytime soon. In fact the recent changes in the symptoms and intensity of the injection is giving rise to a very serious question,”Are we really safe?”

Amidst this dangerous time, people are giving more importance to the consumption of liquor than their precious life. Is this really  a matter that needs our utmost vigilance? Just after Delhi CM  Arvind Kejriwal declared a straight lock down for the next 6 days from 10 PM till 5 am in the morning to manage the grave situation of the COVID 19 situation, people rushed to the alcohol stores .

From Khan market to Connaught place, every other liquor store has successfully gathered people in selecting their immediate needs for the lockdown period.  Naturally this rush of liquor showed that people are more concerned about their alcohol requirement than maintaining social distance  and masks not giving any serious regards to the pandemic in which we are still in. 

Around the corner, came up a comment by a woman, stating ‘Injections won’t do any good, alcohol will help. Medicines will not be able to help me , only a peg will help’. This comment received considerable negative remarks in the social media. 

Arvind Kejriwal chose to take this grave decision since Delhi is one of the worst states with infections reaching around 25,000 with a single day infection hit last Sunday. Everyone who gave the Covid test returned with a positive result. Now, the total number of COVID 19 cases stands to be 8.5 lakhs only in Delhi.

On the situation, the director general of Confederation of Indian Alcoholic beverage companies commented ‘what we saw today was the panic reaction  from the public, driven by the memory of the lockdown extension of last year’. People are battling the pandemic with every possible need, however there are still a majority of people who are still not bothered to adhere to the  various measures, to eliminate the virus from the nation. 

With total number of national cases that stands around 1.5 cr with number of deaths tolling to 1.78 lakhs, this is the 5th day that records around 2 lakhs cases in just one day.


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