Ingenuity Making Its First Flight Ever Creating History

Ingenuity Making Its First Flight Ever Creating History

This breathtaking event finally took place that let the explorers access the widow to study the Red planet from both aerial and terrestrial perspective. Ingenuity finally made its first-ever flight that made positive progress and delivered a successful mission. This genuinely supports NASA’s long list of success in its firsts on Mars. 

The Project manager Mimi Aung celebrated their mission by adding ‘And we together now have this Wright Brother moment’. Precisely speaking the Wright Brother’s big initiative was not a success, however, it gave the world a glimpse at the big chances of possibility. Ingenuity was something new for mankind to witness. Tolling the risk factors with the rewards, there was certainly an enticing factor attached to the notion, henceforth accepting failure was definite. 

With Ingenuity landing on the Martian surface, NASA sure wished for a robust success rate to plan their next big assignments. They invested their quality technology in building the project. In addition, subjects such as robotic flight engineering, and panning out strategies to overcome the barriers of physics in a dead world, were introduced. This success brought numerous opportunities for humankind to explore the darkest corners of space.

In addition, the successors of Ingenuity also bring hope to deliver us more of the unknown world. With the next big innovations, the devices would get modifications that would allow the expeditions to charge through locations that are non-accessible right now with the current orbiters. Therefore we can definitely hope for a multitude of aircraft zipping around the Martian cliffs for experimenting more of the Red Planet in the upcoming future. 

Last Sunday NASA directed the mission through Perseverance that passed on the commands to the Ingenuity that sat 200 feet apart from the same on a terrain landmass. It was selected to carry out five test flights as an airstrip. 

At around 3.30 eastern time, which was the middle of the Martian day time and half an hour past noon, the mission took place. Ingenuity spun its wings and took its first flight rising over Jezero Crater in the red sky.  Flying at a height of 10 ft, it returned back to the surface. However, this whole event was oblivious to the experts back at NASA, since the aircrafts were not in communication back then with the Earth. Hence Ingenuity took the task at its hand while operating this enthralling event. 

It came to the notice of NASA when the MARS Reconnaissance orbiter passed over the devices. This small time was enough for Perseverance to make a connection back to Earth. Minutes after that, the professionals analyzed the whole scenario getting a thorough view of the successful mission executed by Ingenuity. 

Harvard Grip, the engineer who is the primary pilot for Ingenuity declared ‘Altimeter data confirms that Ingenuity has performed its first flight’. He added ‘the first powered flight of a powered aircraft on another planet.’

After that, soon, a picture was uploaded proving Ingenuity’s fight with its shadow reflected on the red soil coupled with a video image caught by Perseverance showing the helicopter hovering in the Martian sky.

Well, taking a flight in the Martian sky is something pretty impossible since there is a lack of air in the atmosphere which is a minimal requirement to push the air up against. Therefore to make the flight possible, Ingenuity is devised with four ft wide two rotors, that spun in opposite directions at around 2500 RPM thus creating history.


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