Jharkhand To Go For A Lockdown Period Like Last Year From 22nd to 29th Of April 2021

Jharkhand To Go For A Lockdown Period Like Last Year From 22nd to 29th Of April 2021

The COVID 19 situation is bringing in an immediate lockdown needs in the entire country. After Delhi,Mumbai,UP, Punjab, Rajhsathan, Kerala, Chhattisgarh, Jammu and Kashmir, Odisha and more, Jharkhand also took the initiative  and declared a week-long lockdown starting from 22nd to 29th April 2021. CM Hemant Soren took the decision keeping in mind the safety of the people and checking the spread of the nasty virus for the time being. 

After proceeding with a higher level meeting conducted by the honorable CM Hemant Soren, he said  that the week will be ‘health safety week’. Although it is a complete lockdown, several central government, state government, private sector has been excused from going for a complete shutdown session. 

He delivered his decision in public and asked his people not to go out of home unless it is an immediate need . 

Religious places will stay open but would allow only a specific number of devotees  for the time being. Further, the agricultural sector paired with the industrial and mining sector will stay operative. 

CM also continued stating that the curfew under the section 144 of CrPC will be applicable all across the state of Jharkhand allowing only 5 people for any special gathering for the time being in a public place. More on the curfew will be detailed down this evening . 

Like every other state, Jharkhand is also going through an astounding spike in recording COVID 19 cases during the 2nd wave. With the latest updates, Jharkhand has around 1,33, 479 positive cases  with deaths of 1,456 patients. Now, there are 28,010 active cases in the state. 

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