Maxine Waters Incites Commotion On Commenting Over The Murder Of George Floyd By An Ex-Police Officer

Maxine Waters Incites Commotion On Commenting Over The Murder Of George Floyd By An Ex-Police Officer

Last Saturday the debate over Democrats and Republicans took another violent turn when Maxine Waters commented on the murder of George Floyd by an ex-police officer, Derek Chauvin. The total matter took an aggressive twist and turned in to a subject of racial discrimination. Well, Waters is that individual who frequently invites chaotic situations. 

She is famous for doubting Barack Obama in regards to his contribution to the back community. She also criticized the US government to overthrow Fidel Castro to which she demanded an end to the US trade embargo. Water further shared her opinion against Donald Trump saying ‘a bully an egoistic maniac,  a liar and someone who did not to be a president  ’.

Her opinion shared through her comment gave an opportunity for the Republicans to use the sensitive and emotional subject of race as political weaponry. However, the democrats stayed to support Maxine Waters to which she is very grateful. In addition, this ultimately gave a positive result to the argument in support of the Democrat. 

What would be the role of the protesters if the Derek Chauvin trial comes out as ‘not guilty’?Maxine Waters commented ‘we have got to stay on the streets and we have got to get more active, we have got to get more confrontational. We have got to make sure that they know that we mean business’.

However, Chauvin was found guilty and was charged with three murders and manslaughter this Tuesday.

Water seems confident about her attitude towards her decisions. Hence she is often criticized to which she states ‘Of course, I’m criticized all the time, and of course, the Republicans make a target of me, but as you know, I am passionate on these issues’.

She further added ‘They put me out for censure because of my visit to Minneapolis and my colleagues stood with me, and they voted to table the motion that was put up to censure me because the Republicans love it use me as a target.’

She mocks the GOP and believes that the Republican considers her a foolish poor uppity black lady who is giving Republicans money.

Maxine Waters further commented that ‘they don’t seem to understand, they are not going to get me out of office, because I am still here until I decide to retire ’ she vowed. But this comment has received many negative remarks too.

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