No Power-No Electricity in more than 18,000 homes of Inland Northwest

No Power-No Electricity in more than 18,000 homes of Inland Northwest

This Sunday night was quite horrific for the residents of Inland Northwest as more than 18,000 homes there were without power supply. 

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The news of the power cuts and power supplies took a national front when millions of people suffer through unbearable cold temperatures and that too without electricity. It was around 8 p.m when high winds with gust power of 50 miles per hour hit the region very badly and left it devastated. The wind power knock down power lines and the poles in some areas and made the situation more worst for the residential families. 

Avista Utilities has reported that about 8,000 customers from South Hill were left without power, 

nearly 5,500 Kootenai customers were in the dark and about 4,800 Inland customers were without Power service. 

It must be noted that the National Weather Services has already predicted the winds and has warned the people for the same as to make them aware of the consequences and have raised a point towards the problems that they were aware can come with the storm and those included- blowing dust in Central Washington, lightning strikes in North Idaho, possible tree damage and wildfire dangers.

According to the Associated Press, about 46,000 megawatts of power production were kicked offline, including 28,000 from natural gas, coal and nuclear plants and 18,000 from wind and solar projects.

It could be easily and with experience stated that more than 4 million people still had no power after this historic event and the rising temperatures have created a surge demand for electricity. 

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