Pamela Turner Catches Attention From George Floyd Case As Benjamin Crum Stands With The Family

Pamela Turner Catches Attention From George Floyd Case As Benjamin Crum Stands With The Family

Benjamin Crum who is an attorney serving the US is currently standing beside the Turner family and has filed a lawsuit against Texas on 8th April 2021. Pamela Turner was a health care worker who was wrongfully murdered by officer Juan Delacruz in the parking lot of their apartment where both the victim and the shooter resided. 

Last Saturday the case of George Floyd being murdered by Derek Chauvin was the talk of the town. Benjamin Crum who also presented the George Floyd case took the charge of suing Texas since it’s been two years since this black lady lost her life has not come to any conclusion. 

As per the recent update, the trial will commence on 25th May 2021 which is coincidentally a year anniversary of the George Floyd murder case. Derek Chauvin however been charged with three murder and manslaughter this Tuesday bringing justice to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest. Now everyone is looking forward to seeing the ultimate result of the Pamela Turner case.

Chelsea Rubin, the daughter of Turner, remembers her mother as a generous, cordial, and good-hearted lady who became a grandmother just three days before she was shot. The unsettling part of the subject is that Rubin states ‘She couldn’t wait to see (her granddaughter) and he completely ripped that away. He may have shot my mom and taken her life, but he killed a whole family.’

George Floyd murder case certainly stirred the nation, to which Benjamin Crum comments ‘If you were outraged when you saw the video of George Floyd got killed by the police, then you should be equally outraged when you see the video of how they killed Pam Turner, an unarmed Black woman laying down on her back that he shot in the face, in the chest and in the stomach’. Thanks to the bystander who took the courage of recording the incident that finally gave a window for the ‘Black Lives Matter ’ protest to fight against the recent violent situation. 

As per Greg Cagle, Delacruz the Baytown Officer was in the act of defending. On that note, Cagle also commented ‘If you take a police officer’s Taser, you are going to get shot 100% of the time,’. The Turners and their lawyer supports the fact that Turner was diagnosed with Schizophrenia in 2005.

After this incident, more than 75,000 citizens in the east of Houston formed a Citizens Advisory Committee that narrated several condemning attitudes of police officers. Last year the serious situation of COVID 19 certainly could not restrain the Black Lives Matter protest that arose due to, George Floyd Case, Breonna Taylor shooting, Ahmed Aurbery and Rayshard Brooks cases. 

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