Stephen Lawrence Day Commemorates The Importance Of ‘Black Lives Matter’

Stephen Lawrence Day Commemorates The Importance Of ‘Black Lives Matter’

Stephen the ‘Black’ teen who was murdered on this very day that is 22nd April 28 years ago. This spiteful event surely gave an insight for the upcoming future to last year’s Black Lives Matter’ movement. With George Floyd and Pamela Turner, the black community was shocked to finally land on the marching protest amidst the grave situation of the COVID 19.  However, we definitely saw that it was coming. 

The racial turbulence that killed a teenager who was unalarmed of the unforeseen demise sure suffered deadly pains before giving off. His death was not only a disgrace to the UK police department but to the concept of human rights. Being black was his crime that gifted this young lad a painful death which he hardly thought of. He sure had future plans where he dreamt of rising to a prominent position in society. Instead, we are now talking about his death anniversary which is undoubtedly a depressing topic. 

Talking about the brighter prospect, his death gave us Stephen Lawrence foundation which encourages sharing their video which  designed ‘to encourage and inspire young people to take positive action to live their best life’

There are a total of three Stephens Lawrence challenges –

  • Create your art or write a poem.
  • Learn about Stephens Lawrence’s legacy and share what you came up with.
  • Doing something extremely good for the community.

But make sure that you tag #ChallengeAccepted 

The foundation also adds- ‘Whatever you choose to do for Stephen Lawrence Day, we would love it if you would help us build a community of people making a difference. The more people who post on social media, the bigger our impact will be and the more people will be inspired by what you do.’

Make sure that you use the given tags-

  • #LiveOurBestLife
  • #StephenLawrence
  • #StephenLawrenceDay
  • #SLDay
  • #ChallengeAccepted

But what happened to the criminals?

As for Gary Dobson, he is a 45-year-old fella who is serving life imprisonment in Gartree Prison that is in Market Harborough Leicestershire. During the time of the murder, Gary Dobson was only 17 and lived on the Brook Estate. Before he received his life imprisonment, he was accused of possessing and supplying class B drugs that were worth 350,000 pounds.

Now as for Norris, his prison time was sure a hell of a punishment. He was targeted by three black inmates who used a knife and stock full of tin cans. This leads him to incur a broken nose, several shallow cuts to his face, blacks eyes, broken ribs, and traumatic mental health. But the prison service dissolved the accusations to which Norris was awarded 10,000 pounds.

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