A sneak-peek into the mask wearing toned down award ceremony: Grammy Awards 2021

A sneak-peek into the mask wearing toned down award ceremony: Grammy Awards 2021

A stage set for performances, a celebration of music and a lot more with one of the biggest crowd ever witnessed by any award show seems to not fit quiet right with the audience this 63rd Grammys featuring the Coronavirus Pandemic who expected the same level of enthusiasm than a subdued award ceremony. While the world is still struggling to balance life amid Covid-19, the organizers of the Grammys are taking full precautions and prodigious amount of measures to assure safety without compromising the true essence of celebration to put up an applaud worthy show.

A few of the media outlets and interviewers who were invited inside the hush preparations of the show observed many restrictions and rules laid as per the pandemic crisis and were in constant hyper-cautious surrounding with covid-19 tests.

Grammys which has been held since forever at the Staples Centre known for being the biggest music concerts in Los Angeles with an extreme bandwagon and a grand party entrance red carpet for all the supreme guests with interviewers and media lined up, has now found home at the next door Convention center in Los Angeles with no red carpet for the welcome this year as we welcome the 63rd Grammys in a unique way.

As huge as the Staples Centre is in comparison to the Convention Centre, the commodious halls and generous walkways of the Convention center were propitious enough to pull off a successful Pandemic ft. Grammys show.

The show was hosted by Trever Noah and was built around performances by Cardi B, Doja Cat, Billie Eilish, Megan Thee Stallion, Harry Styles, Taylor Swift and Dua Lipa. Most of the cautious performers steered clear from the media outlets and interviewers despite strict protocols and measurements that were abided by in prior to commencement of the show.

When asked by one of the media pupil about her views on this year’s Grammy Awards Dua lipa commented saying- “You know, it’s definitely different, but it’s been fun to just be in a bubble with my team and my dancers and really just getting ready for the night, “I’m just really thinking about the performance and I’m just so excited and so grateful to just be on that stage again.”

The stage which was once covered with most of the crowd is now divided between 4 stages with almost no visual audience in sight. The organizers were however successful to pull off an exceptional show yet again this sunday in the celebration of music with rewarding musicians for their extraordinary contribution to the music industry.

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