Anna Faris blames her “competitive nature” for her divorces

Anna Faris blames her “competitive nature” for her divorces

In a recent podcast, Anna Faris revealed that her divorce with actor Chris Pratt was due to her competitiveness. She married Pratt in 2009 and parted ways in 2018. She says that she wasn’t able to open up to her partner and this caused tension in her relationship.

Gwyenth Paltrow had joined Anna Faris on the latest episode of her podcast – Anna Faris is Unqualified. The ‘scary movie’ star, said that “Any hint of competitiveness and comparison, I didn’t handle that very well, I don’t think. And I hope I’ve grown from that”. Faris underwent her second divorce with Pratt. She was married to Ben Indra, the 42 year old actor from 2004 to 2008.

While talking to Paltrow, Faris also said that “My other two marriages were with actors and I don’t think we did a great job of eliminating competitiveness, Or at least I didn’t, being a proud person, and not wanting to reveal vulnerability”. Paltrow also opened up about her divorce with Chris Martin. She said “I never would have wanted to not be married to the father of my kids. Theoretically”. The couple was married from 2003 to 2016. While Anna and Chris have one child together, Jack Pratt whereas Gwyenth and Chris Martin have two children Moses and Apple.

Anna is set to get married to Micheal Barret who is a cinematographer. This will be her third marriage. Both women opened their hearts while talking about their respective divorces.

Anna Kay Faris is an american actress who rose to fame after playing the lead role of Cindy Campbell in the Scary Movie film series. She also made a special appearance on the famous show ‘Friends’ as Erica, the surrogate mother of Chandler and Monica’s twins.

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