Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul: A Fight or Entertainment?

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul: A Fight or Entertainment?

A boxing match is a test of endurance, strength, speed and strategy. On the evening of Sunday, the world witnessed a demonstration of sheer grit and determination abound with ‘money’ and ‘mater’. Floyd faced Logan in an exhibition bout, touted as the future of sports entertainment. Spectators watched and cheered when Logan jabbed Floyd to disturb the weather. Floyd is an undisputed champion, even at 34. The world saw in amazement, how his left-hooks and right-jab combination with a straight-chin disposition could disorient his opponent in the ring.

Ironically however, none of those 100-pound punches actually could hit the tall guy’s jaws to knock him out of the ring. Logan took the advantage of a better strategy to avoid extended punches from Floyd by clinging on to the latter’s frame, reducing the optimum length required to extract maximum power.

Well, it was an exhibition, and a long awaited one too. It was after all a fight between a professional boxer and an Youtube charm. Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul actually played it out, not decisively, but purposefully.

Occasional outbursts, dramatic movements and some gibber of the live commentators did show signs of a real individual excellence during the course of the fight, but that soon ended in an illusion. Without Judges scoring on a formal sheet, deciding on the winner was strictly left to a ‘Knock-Out-or-Nothing’. You tubers, and sports enthusiasts may term the showdown as a lackluster display meant to mint money, for the brute power of boxers usually displayed inside the ring remained elusive. But that is inevitable. Commercialization of sports has clawed in.

Sports is more of an entertainment; it is an activity to proclaim an identity and fame. When money pours in, the prime intention gets diluted. Objective, however remains in definition. A treat to watch, a sports career to aspire, and the opportunity to earn make Boxing fantastic. Some fights may end up with a favourable result, and others end up in dissatisfaction. But the game must go on.

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