John Prine’s victory: A Perfect Tribute

John Prine’s victory: A Perfect Tribute

John Prine won two posthumous grammys at the 63rd Grammys.This was the first win of the evening. John prine passed away at the age of 73 last april in the first wave of coronavirus pandemic.

The legendary artist won the award for his final tune ‘I Remember Everything’, for Best Roots Performance and Best Roots Song. One of his sons accepted his award on the video chat and said,”We love and miss you, Dad”.

John Prine was a late american folk legend who was amongst the most influential songwriters in his generation. Prine, dubbed the Mark Twain of american songwriting received a lifetime achievement award from the Recording Academy last year. He actively worked as a composer, live performer, recording artist and occasional actor from the 1970s until his death.

Chick Corea, the American jazz composer was also celebrated with two posthumous awards. Pop Smoke and Nipsey Hussle earned the nominations for the posthumous awards.

The legend was famous for his humorous style of music which often had elements of social documentary and protest. His music is loved by people of all ages. He worked for five decades and wrote rich plain-spoken songs. The non-complexity of his work made them an audience favorite. As a songwriter, Prine was admired by Bob Dylan, Kris Kristofferson, and others, known for his ability to weave ordinary experiences into marvelous songs.

In all, John Prine has won 5 grammy awards. The artist bid goodbye to the world, but will be remembered forever in the hearts of music lovers.

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