Soleil Moon Frye speaks her heart out in her latest Hulu documentary

Soleil Moon Frye speaks her heart out in her latest Hulu documentary

In her exclusive documentary, Soleil Moon Frye reveals her consensual experience with Two and a half men star, Charlie Sheen. In the documentary, she is trying to put together pieces of life that she does not completely understand. Frye, who is now 44 talks about her teenage experiences in the industry. She openly confessed that Sheen was the first person she hooked up with when she was 18.

Soleil Moon Frye became famous with the TV show Punky Brewster which aired in 1984. Years after that she came up with a documentary called “KID 90”.

Reading from her diary, Frye said that Sheen was somebody who she had a crush on for years. She compared their relationship with the Sex and the City reference to Mr.Big. Fyre says that “ He’s the person that intrigues me and excites me”. She also feels that Sheen is very kind and loving. In the Hulu documentary, she is reading from her diary and saying all the good things about Charlie Sheen that how he has checked in on her and lent his support.

When Charlie Sheen was asked his reaction to Frye’s statement he said that “She is a good egg”. He confessed that he hasn’t seen the documentary yet but it is on top of his watch list. He also said that he wishes Frye all the best for her comeback.

We are sure intrigued by Fyre’s statement and are looking forward to knowing more from the documentary now airing on Hulu.

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