What Happened in the Season 10 Finale of Sister Wives? Let’s Find Out-

What Happened in the Season 10 Finale of Sister Wives? Let’s Find Out-

Have you checked the season finale of Sister Wives? Well, Christine finally admits that she is not at all happy with her conjugal relationship. She goes to the extent of quoting ‘tired of feeling like I don’t matter’ to husband Kody. The Browns are not at all satisfied with whatever is going on with their marital affair. She in fact states that she would love to return back to Utah since it is where most of her family is. However her sister wives Janelle, Meri and Robyn are not on a similar thought. 

Utah was decriminalized back in early 2020 in regards to polygamy. This made the Browns sue the state on which they were progressing on a positive note. However, it was decriminalized which continued for a year. Then, just two years ago, Kody Brown wanted to return back to Utah to which Christine exclaimed that it was not safe since the govt. signed the petition that claims polygamy is decriminalized.  

After the law got sanctioned, the immediate thought that struck Christine’s mind was to move back to Utah which requires a conversation with Kody. Since Kody previously pitched the idea of moving back which was, however, back then was not entertained by any of his wives. That time they were in Las Vegas. But, now Christine changed her mind and now she seriously wants to return to Utah. 

She is in fact giving a thought of talking to the sister wives in concern of the wedding ceremony of Kody and Meri’s daughter  Mariah. However, each of the sister wives admits in this holiday that they genuinely miss Utah. Out of all the other reasons, Christine’s family is the chief reason that is making her think of returning back. Her father stays in Utah and she wonders about her father and her time together. On that note, she also considers her mother and sister’s presence in Utah.  Further, there is Aspen, Mykelti, and Peyton. Also, Mariah and Audrey will also be moving to Utah after their wedding. She wants to go back and live a community life just like a minded individual. 

She in fact confessed that her father is not in good health, and she desires to spend the last few years close to her father. She thinks that her kids need to know their grandfather in a better way. She believes her father is the only biggest pull towards Utah which she feels right now. 

After a one to one conversation with her husband, Kody was certainly interested in this idea. However, he was pretty sure that the other wives would not be convinced. To that thought, Kody added, that this is indeed a great idea since all his friends are there in St. George. To the camera, he stated that he is doubtful that Christine would be able to manage the other wives in this concern. The concept of moving is definitely hated by Kody, but returning to St. George is exceptional. Kody says that he is not shutting her up because he does not want to sit idle and say that ‘Your idea is dumb’ since he very much wants the idea to happen. But he is definite that it is not at all possible. 

Personally, he loves staying in Flagstaff. He came to the conclusion that Christine misread the situation. Kody Brown thinks that Christine might have judged the notion of nostalgia to his desire of returning back. However, his decision does not have anything to do with his other wives. He adds that he loves his stay since it is the neatest place he ever lived. 

Once Christine spoke with Kody, her next big assignment was to convince the other wives with a simple conversation. Christine thought Kody would like to help her out with his thoughts of family, friends and retirement plans. She felt relaxed after she talked with her husband. She felt assured that this mindset would help her to move one step closer to the second part of the plan, which is convincing the other wives. 

Later, Kody and the wives gathered in their Coyote Pass property. There Christine tries to bring back the memories of the past. She added their visit to see the Darger family in Utah which was good. When Kody proposed their idea of returning back to Vegas, it was a delight to the ears. However, on that thought some other memories popped open, that reminded them of a hard time fighting with each other. That gave them chills to return back. But, with SB 102, polygamy was decriminalized.

Therefore going back to Utah was only a great choice to be a family once again. Besides the property out there is beautiful which would give them a happy life altogether. Returning back would have been simple if it was in the hands of Christine precisely.  

But just as Kody predicted, the other wives were not at all fine with Kody’s proposal. Robyn added that she is very much concerned with Saul and Ari’s future at this moment. She continued that Brianne is left with only a few years in her high school. Also, they are prominent polygamists; issues as such can hamper their kid’s life.

Besides, there is nothing important in there for Janelle. In fact, living in Wyoming is a dream that Jannelle wished for a very long time. So, she is not at all fine with the idea of returning back to Utah. To this Meri stated that she is also not that comfortable in going back. 

Kody stated that this is what is currently the most likely place,  all his kid’s love. He also added that this life would never be the same if they returned back to Utah. This shocks Christine, for she thought that Kody was her only support. This reality check brought tears to her eyes. She came to the realization ‘We are not moving, are we?’. She was even bewildered over her Sister Wives previous comments that stated a major missing of Utah at the time they visited the States together. 

After watching Christine in such a vulnerable condition, Meri asked her to join for a walk. When only they were left, Christine exasperated that she is unable to move on with the marital bond she shares with Kody. To that Meri asked her to stare at the mountain “Just look at the mountain, that’s what you saw that day”. Meri added that these 30  years of marriage certainly means something. 

On camera, Christine confesses that she definitely does not want to have a similar relationship that Kody shares with Meri. Moreover, she also doesn’t want to have what she’s having with Kody. She admits, talking to the camera, that she has been struggling since she moved to Flagstaff, where she never felt Kody’s support. She wishes for something different than this. 

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