Why Chloé Zhao’s win in Oscars is so important

Why Chloé Zhao’s win in Oscars is so important

With her directing win for “Nomadland,” Chloé Zhao is in the Oscar history books as one of cinema’s great boundary breakers and has set new records which can’t be broken now. 

26th APRIL,2021 

Chloé Zhao is a Chinese filmmaker who has her origins in Beijing, had left China at the age of 15 and was educated in Britain and then the United States, where she studied filmmaking at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts

Her Filmography 

Her debut feature film was, “Songs My Brothers Taught Me (2015),” her second feature film was, “The Rider (2017)“, she ultimately gained further success with Nomadland (2020), which attracted international recognition and won her many awards, including Best Director at the Golden Globe Awards, Directors Guild of America Awards, Academy Awards, and British Academy Film Awards. 

The awards

It was her efforts and love for films that brought laurels to her life. Zhao is the most awarded filmmaker ever in a single awards season, having taken home BAFTAs, Screen Actors Guild Awards and the Venice Film Festival Golden Lion, among dozens of other prizes from critics associations.

Not only this, she won various Film Festival Awards, including the People’s Choice Award and the Golden Lion Award, Various Industries Awards, the Golden Globe Awards along with the Academic Award. In February, Chloé Zhao became only the second woman in 78 years to win at the Golden Globes for Best Director,

While talking to an interviewer on his take on films, she said that “I start with more of a reverence for understanding a person in that world, rather than imposing myself on what a character should be.”

Why her win is important 

Her Win is quite important as at 39, Zhao became the first woman of color and the first woman of Asian descent to win the academy’s award for Best Director to which people and critics are considering as a token for #StopAsianHate Movement and may result in less trauma due to the racism against Asian Americans. 

China’s Censorship War over Chloé Zhao 

Fate has really prooven that, winning not always mean happiness, sometimes it means that you have to face tensions now and for Zhao, her Academic Award win has done the same. News of Chloé Zhao’s Oscar win on Sunday appeared to be censored within China, where the director has fallen victim to a wave of nationalism and attacks accusing her of betraying the country where she was born.

Though Hu Xijin, the Global Times’ editor in chief, congratulated Zhao, adding that the “tense China-US ties may bring some troubles to her.” “Hopefully she will become more and more mature in handling those troubles,” he wrote, also on Twitter yet there are many news agencies and portals who bans her news to be flashed on their channels.

 Her fate turned hard on her, just because of her own old interview, where she said that,”It goes back to when I was a teenager in China, being in a place where there are lies everywhere. You felt like you were never going to be able to get out. A lot of info I received when I was younger was not true, and I became very rebellious toward my family and my background. I went to England suddenly and relearned my history. Studying political science in a liberal arts college was a way for me to figure out what is real. Arm yourself with information, and then challenge that too” and in her rescue one of her Chinese fan said that,“Zhao expressed her love for China on the international stage at the Oscars. Before, she disliked the ugly part of the nation. It is impossible for a country to only accept the good and deny the bad.” 

Her Next Win?

Zhao will become the first Asian woman to direct a Marvel superhero film and this will surely bring more attention and laurels to her career. 

Let’s hope and wish her best. 

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