13 Covid-19 patients die in hospital fire in Virar: Maharashtra

13 Covid-19 patients die in hospital fire in Virar: Maharashtra

Time is really getting tough for everyone, people where on one hand is dying of Covid-19 on the another hand we came across a new tragedy everyday. One day it’s the news of dying of shortage of Oxygen, one day due to leakage of Oxygen and now it’s the news of fire in hospital. 

23rd APRIL,2021 

This Friday brings a total grief in many homes when thirteen Covid-19 patients died in a hospital due to fire at Virar in Palghar district of Maharashtra. 3 a.m. came as a horrific moment for everyone when fire broke out in the ICU of the hospital. 

District Disaster Control Cell chief Vivekanand Kadam told PTI that the fire was preceded by an explosion in the AC unit of the intensive care unit

The incident was reported in Vijay Vallabh Hospital, where there were about 16 patients who were undergoing the treatment. Though the administration is forbidding the relatives of the died patients to enter the hospital yet police and local authorities are present at the spot where this horrible incident happened. The fortunate thing was that the 1st and 2nd floor remained safe and nothing could harm the patients who were there. 

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