An overview of Corona Situation in India

An overview of Corona Situation in India

The pandemic that starts in the year of 2019 is still ongoing like an increasing hell area and even in the year of 2021, its effects aren’t lesser even they have gotten more worst. It was in January 2020 when we found the first traces of this virus and it’s now April 2021 that we are still facing this hazardous issue. 

It was on December 31st,2019 when China alerts WHO about 27 cases of “Viral Pneumonia” in Wuhan and it was on 30th January, 2019 when India’s first Covid 19 patient, a medical student who just had come back from Wuhan reported ill in Kerela’s Thrissur District and on the same day WHO states the situation as a “Global emergency of International Concern” and that’s from here that everyone in the world started taking it seriously. 

Here is a timeline of events and where we stand now in our fight against the pandemic: 

On 1st February, China approved a second evacuation flight with 323 Indians and 7 Maldives Nationals and on 3rd February Kerela Government declares Coronavirus as a state calamity after few more cases were reported and it was on 11 February, that WHO named this virus as Covid 19. It was a surprise and a surge in situation that on 10th March, the number of patients in India reaches to 50 counting the infection rate at double. On March 12, First Indian patient was found dead and India took a measure by banning foreign entries in the country. When the situation starts getting out of control, Prime Minister Narendra Modi calls for a 14-hours “Janta Curfew” to make the situation better and when he didn’t find the required results, on March 25, a nationwide lockdown was imposed all over India till April,14 resulting in Labour’s moments to their native villages on March 26,2020. Though Government was declaring new amendments, new growth schemes for everyone to help them in this situation yet the problem was becoming more worst. 

Everyone was playing its best part to curve the situation, but the one’s who were at the fore front were the Medical Persons, Soldiers and our officials who spends their life in serving the nation. On April 5,2020 Mr. Modi calls the citizens of India to light diyas, Candles, torches and flashlights to show solidarity to these fore front soldiers. 

Situation was getting more and more worst and on April 14, PM extends the lockdown to May 3 but the situation didn’t change and the lockdown extended till undecided phase of time and on 19 May,2020 total Covid-19 cases in India crosses 1 lakh. Though the situation was getting worst day by day yet it was a need of the hour to reopen the nation as the economy was falling down so rapidly and it was on 8th June that the guidelines for unlock 1.0 came into force. It was on July 1st that the guidelines for unlock 2.0 came into force and it was on July 6th that India became the 3rd worst Coronavirus hit country with 6.97 lakh cases. 

On July 15, phase-1 clinical trials of India’s first Covid-19 vaccine, Covaxin starts across the country. The situation was getting worst and Government was reopening the nation in phases when on 12 September, 2020 India break its own record of having highest single day spike in infections. The greatest worst achievement for India was when on December 19 the patients score crosses 1 crore mark and not only this even UK announces that a new variant strain of the virus has been detected that can spread more quickly. 

The hardwork of medical scientists and pharmaceutical organizations came into effect when India on 7th February,2021 became the third country on the list of most administered vaccine doses. 

On February 23, 2021 the Union health ministry reveals that two new strains of Covid-19 have been detected in India which may be pushing up the number of infections once again. On one hand where the task of vaccinations was going on, while on the another Prime Minister Narendra Modi holds a meeting with chief ministers through video-conferencing and called for quick and decisive steps to curb the spread of the virus again.

As of 5th April 2021, India reported a total of 12,589,067 confirmed cases and 103,558 confirmed cases within the past 24 hours.  Now India is reporting highest number of daily cases in the world. The situation right now is signifying that everything may repeat itself as again the states are imposing night curfews and lockdowns. Educational Institutions have been temporarily closed and exams have been cancelled, hospitals are facing the shortage of oxygen and ICU beds, Ministers, Common People and even little children are dying of this hazardous issue. Again the people are acting stubbornly and doesn’t care for their own sake, so in this situation we as a citizen can only take precautions and follow the guidelines given by the government.

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