Covid 19 Situation in India

Covid 19 Situation in India

Covid 19 situation in India is sure showing no progress of declining, as of today’s report. The accumulated percentage of COVID vaccine drive crossed  12 crore which is, however, the world’s largest  COVID vaccine drive as per the Health Ministry.

Maharashtra along with the capital city of India showed the highest one day spike in COVID cases once again, that is around 68,631 cases where the total number of infections are 25,462. In UP there is a total of 30,596 cases which is, by the way, the highest till now, consolidating the number 8,51,620 in total. In fact, UP also declared the lofty fatality rate in a single day with 129 sufferers.

On this note, Arvind Kejriwal asked for beds and oxygen cylinders to PM Narendra Modi. He also stated that around 7000 from 10,000 beds are only reserved for the COVID victims. To make oxygen available all over the nation, the Railways will carry out the task of running ‘Oxygen Express’. The initiative will transport liquid oxygen paired with oxygen cylinders all across our nation. The empty tankers will begin their route from Kalamboli and Boisar railway stations in and near Mumbai from Monday. The liquid oxygen will be loaded at Vizag, Jamshedpur, Rourkela and Bokaro as assured by the officials. 

On Sunday, the Union Health Ministry declared that the daily rise of COVID 19 cases considerably doubled, i.e, from 8% to 16.69%  in just 12 days. Now, on the subject of vaccination drive, India dispatched 12 cr vaccines in 92 days becoming the fastest country in reaching the top position. The US followed, taking 97 days, and China took 108 days. A total of 18,15,325 sessions were carried out to deliver 12, 26,22,590 vaccine doses, according to the provisional report. 

Talking about the recent updates, in the last 24 hours, there have been 1,501 deaths with 2,61,500 new reported cases as per the Union Health ministry. Precisely, 1,47,88,109 is the total number of COVID 19 cases of the country, where active cases are 18,01,316 and 1,28,09,643 people recovered, tallying down the total number of deaths at 1,77,150.


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