COVID 19 Situations Deteriorates With Lack Of Oxygen Cylinders In The States

COVID 19 Situations Deteriorates With Lack Of Oxygen Cylinders In The States

COVID 19’s second wave is going deadly . Another added bonus got supplemented with the ongoing lack of oxygen situation in states.  Last day, 21st April 2021, Nasik experienced a mind-thumbing deal where 22 patients took their last breath due to a leak in oxygen supply in Dr. Zakir Hussain hospital . This depressing event took place just then when the tanker was refilling a storage tank. 

Well, no prominent reason is deduced till now, however the officials stated that a sudden stop of oxygen supply through the ventilator caused the deadly situation. Kailas Jadav the city municipal commissioner commented ‘We will enquire into the matter and take action.’

As per the recent update, several Delhi hospitals are also going through this crisis of lack of oxygen and beds. 22nd April 2021 showed a massive record of COVID 19 infected patients. The new strain of COVID 19 in Delhi has reported the mutant variant of the same, increasing the total number of patients to 15.9 million in total.

This increased the death tolls that  recorded  2,104 just in the last 24 hours. Thus the total number of death rates now is 1,84,657.

This made PM Modi cancel his visit to WestBengal  for the election campaign.He tweets ‘Tomorrow, will be chairing high-level meetings to review the prevailing COVID-19 situation.’

He continues ‘Due to that, I would not be going to West Bengal,’

In the meantime, the Delhi high court finally takes the crucial decision and directs the Centre to ensure proper allocation of oxygen supply and implementation of the same throughout the country on an urgent basis. Non compliance of the order would be considered as a criminal action. Moreover the Ministry of Home Affairs declared that there will be no restriction for both inter state and intra state for oxygen carrying vehicles. 

Also, our PM conducted a high level meeting that discussed the availability and supply of oxygen across the country this Thursday. He called for an urgent need for innovative ways to deliver the oxygen support for the states. 

With the latest update on the COVID 19 news India records 3 lakhs cases and it is the highest as of today. Additionally no other country showed such a spike in a single day concluding with 1,59,30,965 infections in total. 

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