IAF Aircraft With 4 Cryogenic Oxygen Tanks From Singapore To Reach India Today

IAF Aircraft With 4 Cryogenic Oxygen Tanks From Singapore To Reach India Today

Indian Air Force has started its mission to airlift cryogenic oxygen tanks from Singapore to support the critical condition of the country. The recent pandemic situation brought demise to many individuals due to lack of oxygen. To bring urgent support to the depressing situation, IAF with the help of the Singapore government is all set to help the COVID 19 patients of the country.

The first set of 4 cryogenic oxygen tanks will land in Panagarh later Saturday evening. After refilling the containers, the aircraft will distribute oxygen to the other parts of the nation. 

The Indian Air Force flying C-17 airship comments ‘One C-17 of Indian Air Force got airborne at 2 am on April 24 from Hindan Air Base for Changi International Airport, Singapore. The aircraft arrived in Singapore at 7:45 am,’

They also added ‘After loading 4 containers of cryogenic oxygen tanks, it will leave for Singapore and will then land at Panagarh airbase. These containers will then be offloaded by this evening,’

In regards to the operation ‘Oxygen Maitri,’ our capital is reaching out to the various countries to help seek to handle the critical pandemic situation of the country.

Several countries offered their helping hand to India as reported by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Defence.

In this regards, not only Singapore, but the UAE will also help in bringing a ray of hope to the tragic condition of the nation. 

Moreover, mobile oxygen generators are also in the process of airlifting from Germany. The hospital run by the Defence Ministry and the Military Hospitals will use the same to help the victims of COVID 19.

In the press meet, the Defence Minister commented “23 mobile oxygen generation plants are being airlifted from Germany. Armed Forces Medical Service has decided to import oxygen generation plants and containers from Germany to cater to the shortage,”

Last Thursday the PM conducted a meeting to determine the current situation of the country. He states ‘Against the present demand from 20 states of 6,785 MT/ day of Liquid Medical Oxygen, Government of India has from 21st April, allocated 6,822 MT/ day to these states,’

Previously we saw the IAF engaged in the action of airlifting oxygen tanks from several parts of the country including essential medicine, medical personnel,  and equipment for combatting the fresh victims of the COVID 19 infections. 

In addition, the DRDO(Defence Development Research Organization) in regards to the current grave situation, brought in the doctors and nurse for COVID hospital too. 

The Union Defence Minister Rajnath Sign this Saturday reviewed the efforts of our Defence Minister to understand his steps in bringing a solution to the present surge of the COVID 19 infections. Also, we hope to see a piece of positive news anytime soon now. 

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