‘Aayega Toh Modi Hi’ just one tweet and I got trolled: Anupam Kher

‘Aayega Toh Modi Hi’ just one tweet and I got trolled: Anupam Kher

When a journalist raised allegations on the government’s philosophies to eradicate the Covid-19 pandemic, the actor Anupam Kher came in forefront to rescue PM Modi and tweeted ‘Aayega toh Modi hi’ which made him a trending subject for trollers on Twitter. 

26th APRIL, 2021 

The journalist Shekhar Gupta raised questions and allegations on the Modi government who as per him is not reliable to eradicate the ongoing pandemic situation and in response to his tweet, the famous actor Anupam Kher retweeted and posted a long note on the same. 

Kher tweeted that it’s vital to criticize the govt., however at identical time it’s each and everyone’s responsibility to take care of it and to help the govt. to overcome it. 

He did a tweet in Hindi language and said that “Yes !! It is too much. Even by your own standards. Corona is a disaster. For the whole world. We have never faced this epidemic before. It is important to criticize the government. We should be hurt. But it is also our responsibility to deal with it. Do not be alarmed. Aayega toh Modi hi!! Jai Ho,”

Soon when he tweet this, the Twitter users slammed him and replied that his comment “Aayega toh Modi hi,” at the time when thousands of individuals are dying in Bharat on a daily basis because of lack of medical facilities, is uncalled for remark.

Some Twitter users conjointly referred to him as a heartless person and said that it’s not the time to praise PM Modi.

Even before this incident, Anupam kher has been seen rescuing the PM Modi on different occasions as both share a  good bond and are usually seen praising each other’s company and works. When Kher’s book ‘Your Best Day is Today’ was published, the PM tweeted that he read the work and praised his efforts. 

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