Lockdown Will be the Last Step: PM Modi

Lockdown Will be the Last Step: PM Modi

As at present time when the situations are getting worst day by day and our nation is tussling with the second wave of this hazardous virus, Nation’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged the nation that lockdown should be the last resort. 

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a video conference with the vaccine manufacturers across the country at 8.37 pm in yesterday’s evening, and urged them to increase the production capacity of COVID-19 vaccines on a rapid scale and to fasten up the process of vaccinating the citizens as fast as possible. After this meeting Mr. Modi calls for a Live interview and through his words consoled the nation and highlights some important measures that must be taken into consideration for curbing the situation as soon as possible. Here are some measures suggested by him: 

  • Focus more on micro-containment zones.

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that it is the high time that the states should have their focus more on micro-containment zones in order to stop and control the situation only there from where it is being risen up. He said that “We have to save India from lockdown, I request states to focus on micro containment zones and use the option only as the last resort,” He even said that if we as a citizen want to control the issue, we have to come together as we came together during the phenomenon of “Cleaning India Movement“. He urged the youngsters to take the hold in their own hands and requested them to start taking the initiative from their own homes, to tell the people who belong to them that what’s the Do’s and Don’t during this pandemic and call them as his ‘Bal-Mitra’, “I urge youngsters to help in this fight against the pandemic”: PM Modi. 

  • Allay the concerns of migrant workers

 Prime Minister Modi requested the state governments to take care of the migrant workers and said that the states must assure these workers that there lives and interests are secure in the state and they mustn’t leave for somewhere else. He told them to assure them of their jobs too.

  • Vaccination Speed should be increased 

Centre urged the pharmaceutical companies to speed up the process of vaccination and announced that along with the citizens above the age of 45 even the youngsters above the age of 18 will be eligible for vaccines from May 1. He informed that till now, more than 12 crore vaccine doses have been administered.

He even said that the process of vaccinating the citizens will be for free in the government organizations and empower the Vaccine manufacturers to release up to 50% of their supply to State Govts. and in the open market at a pre-declared price so as to make the vaccinations to be easily available. 

  • Appreciated the work of frontline workers.

 PM holds a hope in the hearts of the people and the states and said that the work is on a rapid growth to increase the number of beds in hospitals along with the Oxygen Cylinders. He appreciated the frontline workers and said that,”I thank all the frontline workers, doctors, police, vaccine manufacturers who risked their lives to save those in need,” and remind that the biggest strengths of our vaccine industry are its ‘Samarthya, Sansadhan and Seva Bhaav’. 

  • Tata Group took a great initiative to help citizens 

 Tata Group remarks the steps taken by Mr. Modi as laudatory and even from there end took a step to strengthen the people to fight against this pandemic and for this they import 24 cryogenic containers to transport liquid oxygen to ease the oxygen shortage. 

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