Anthony Edwards breaks all rookie records in Timberwolves’ history!

Anthony Edwards breaks all rookie records in Timberwolves’ history!

“Our future success starts now,” says Timberwolves coach Chris Finch as the 19-year old basketball player Anthony Edwards scored 42 career high points 7 rebounds and 3 assists in a 40-point game becoming the third youngest player in NBA history to break a rookie record right behind LeBron James and Kevin Durant. He set a new bar of excellence for NBA which has seen a plenty of talented first year players.

Anthony DeVante Edward has been playing basketball for Minnesota Timberwolves of NBA at the shooting guard position since 2019. He started his professional career as an NBA player since 23rd December 2020 with a debut score of 15 points and 4 rebounds in 25 minutes against Detroit Pistons. Minnesota which has seen 11 great players in its 32-year history with the franchisee has never had a rookie make 42 high point in one-day game as witnessed on Thursday night when Anthony broke all records in Timberwolves’ history against the Phoenix Suns in a 123-119 win and is now seen holding an overall number 1 rookie position.

As the second half of the season is here the games in NBA have begun with solidity post lockdown and the teams are all geared up for high intensity matches this season. With Anthony Edwards breaking all rookie records in the NBA history this Thursday, the ranking and discussion have suddenly become very interesting drawing all the attention to Timberwolves who are not leaving a single opportunity to tear and bring in the points from all over the floor.

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