Arnaut Danjuma, the famous footballer may switch the team

Arnaut Danjuma, the famous footballer may switch the team

The Nigerian born Dutch-professional footballer who plays for the championship club AFC AFC Bournemouth and the Netherlands National Team as a winger is having the idea to switch to the Nigerian Team. 

Arnaut Danjuma was born to a Dutch father and a Nigerian Mother and hence is eligible to play from being in either of the teams, and he earned his first international call when Ronald Koeman named him in the Netherlands Squads in 2018. 

But at this time, when the Dutch side failed to recall him for the National Team, Danjuma revealed that he might have to think about his International future and need to decide the team he would love to play with and hence he lays stress on switching to the Nigerian Team

The new Fifa rule states that the players can change nations if they have played no more than three competitive games before turning 21 and for Danjuma he can still do it. 

“I’ve heard some bits about Nigeria but I can’t say too much about it though. My mum is Nigerian and my father lived 23 years in Nigeria as well,” Danjuma said, as per Bournemouth Echo.

It must be noted that Danjuma is in a fine form for Bournemouth as per this season as he had already scored 14 times in 32 games, including his brace against Coventry City. Danjuma will hope to help Bournemouth extend their winning streak to six games and stated that his first choice and decision is to focus on the club primarily and then the teams matter. 

“I just want to make sure the club gets back into the Premier League and whatever happens with the national team that’s secondary to me, to be honest.” 
Though it is quite unbelievable that Danjuma isn’t being considered by De Boer may be he is not able to see the potential Danjuma possess. Though it is a hard decision and even Danjuma himself have said that,”It isn’t a decision I can make just in a split second. I need to think about it,” so let’s see what Danjuma decide for himself on his own.

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