Barcelona vs Getafe Recap For The Last Night’s Game

Barcelona vs Getafe Recap For The Last Night’s Game

Last night the big match between Barcelona and Getafe  gave the audience a scoreboard of 5-2. Although the performance by both the teams were satisfactory, however the match delivered the winning position to Barcelona. This gave them a window to control their position once again in the La Liga title race. As already stated, Barca were not that outstanding last night however managed to score 5-2 and achieved a win over Getafe at Camp Nou. 

During the first half of the match, Leonel Messi gave a beautiful opening goal while Getafe balanced a lucky shot. All credit goes to Clement Lenglet since it was the only contribution from Getafe in the first half of the game. 

The audience remained calm with Barca’s patience and the team worked continuously  in breaking the defence  down. It was a challenging venture until Sofian Chakla secured a goal that put down the Blaugrana ahead. Again coming back to the definite position, Barca appeared more patient yet aggressive . Just then Messi took his chance  and scored that doubled the home team’s lead.

By halftime Ronald Koeman arranged two substitutions for rest i.e,  Gerard Pique and Lenglet for the weekend. He moved Frenkie De Jong to the central defence. This arrangement  somewhat unsettled Barca who played the first half brilliantly.  With these changes made, Ilaix Moriba in the middle and  De Jong in the back, Barca went cold.

Well, there were considerably less enagaments in the last part of the game, with zero runs in the box. Barca went slow during the second round of the game. Getafe on the other hand tried their level best in defending the team. However their charges were too aggressive to count .Thus Ronald Arauju fouled Enes Unal in the box.

Getafe struck a  good shot from the spot with only 20 minutes left to conclude the match. However they were not that efficient while Barca was sufficiently tackling the ball around intelligently wasting time. Just when there were 3 minutes left, Messi settled at a corner and Arauja who redeemed himself earlier and received a penalty, shot a header at the near post making the score 4-2.

Well, there were few minutes left for Antoine Griezemann to score a penalty and secure some goals from his spot, till the last minute. The final score satisfyingly offered a win for Barca. 

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