Marvin Hagler : A working man who rose to become a boxing royalty

Marvin Hagler : A working man who rose to become a boxing royalty

Marvellous as he truly was Marvin Hagler is remembered by all his fans as not only one of the greatest prize fighters in the history of Boxing’s middle weight criteria but also one of the finest in most of all the divisions of his era. Being the undisputed champion at 160lb that he was from 1980 till 1987 he shared the stage centre as one of the boxing’s Four Kings along with Sugar Ray Leonard, Thomas Hearns and Roberto Durán. His significant round-robin series of classic fights constituted a golden era that is idealized till date.

Unlike Sugar Ray Leonard and Thomas Hearns, Marvi Hagler was not an Olympic gold winner but he worked and trained as diligently as any opponent he faced in the boxing rings and when the last bell would ring he would fight even harder springing back all the energy to put up a fight.

Fans have remembered him for the persistent hard work that they were immediately drawn to and to appreciate his fortitude. As long and complicated his life journey was Marvin Hagler never failed to impress his audience at the boxing ring. He rose from a working man to becoming a boxing legend because of his perseverance and pure love towards the sport.

Despite having never achieved an Olympic medal for his trophy stand, he managed to achieve the love and respect for his contribution to Boxing. For the first few years of his professional career he accomplished 25 wins and 19 knockouts and a draw against Sugar Ray Leonard. He went on to fight a lot of games and ended with a final record of 63 wins and 3 draws.

Marvin Hagler won a prestigious name for himself in Boxing however, he never forsook the Petronelli brothers who trained and prepared him during his amateur years till his last fight.

At the age of 66 Marvin Hagler passed away, and with him gone now, boxing and his fans will forever be left to reflect upon what a great contribution to this field have they lost.

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