Tragedy strikes Shawn Bradley: Get well soon!

Tragedy strikes Shawn Bradley: Get well soon!

Shawn Bradely, the star player of Dallas Mavericks was paralysed after a tragic bike accident . This news came out when officials from the Dallas Mavericks released an official statement reporting the incident.

Bradely , who lives in Utah went out of his house for a regular ride when his bike was hit by an automobile from behind. The incident happened on 20th January 2021. After this terrible accident , the 48-year NBA star was shifted to the hospital to undergo treatment. He underwent neck fusion surgery and has spent the last eight week in the rehabilitation facility at the hospital.

Luckily for Bradely he has the support of his wife and all the excellent staff members of the rehabilitation center that he is positive about his recovery. The doctors have stated that the road to recovery will be tough and long , they also added that it can be more difficult than playing in the NBA.

Bradely is a tough man, as he wants to use the example of his bike accident and promote the importance of bicycle safety. The owner of Marverks, Mark Cuban also said in his statement that Shawn has an incredible fighting spirit and he wishes him speedy recovery. He also adds that Bradely will always be part of the Mavs family.

Shawn also wanted to convey to all his well-wishers that their wishes had given him more strength. The over pouring support has energized him and boosted his confidence. He also wanted to say that he will not be issuing any statements now as he wishes to devote all his time on recovery.

We wish Shawn Bradely speedy recovery.

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