Why do we need helping hand from outsiders, where are our people?

Why do we need helping hand from outsiders, where are our people?

The citizens of India even while fighting against the ongoing pandemic of Covid-19 are getting disturbed by this question where they are asking that when the player of an another country can help the Indians by donating some money for their help, at that time where are the Indian players and Celebs who call themselves, True Indians? 

26th APRIL,2021 

India is presently battling a vicious wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, and has steadily been clocking over 300,000 new cases every day over the last week – the most by any nation since the pandemic bust out last year. The country’s fragile health care system is trying it’s best to cope, and appeals for beds, drugs, vaccines, and oxygen have dominated Indian social media platforms since the beginning of April. Since the IPL began on April nine, there are over 25,000 deaths.

At that time, Kolkata Knight Riders’ Australian pacer Pat Cummins on Monday declared a $50,000 donation towards PM CARES Fund for Oxygen supplies in India’s COVID-19 ravaged hospitals and backed the IPL to continue, expressing that he has been “advised” that the Indian government views it “as few hours of joy” in a very troublesome time.

In a statement on his official Twitter handle, he did the announcement and urged other prime players to try and do an equivalent effort because the country battles a deadly second wave of the pandemic recording over 2,000 daily deaths for the past few days. “As players, we are privileged to have the platform that allows us to reach millions of people that we can use for good. With that in mind, I have made a contribution to the PM CARES Fund, specifically to purchase oxygen supplies for India’s hospitals,” he stated.

While on one hand we appreciate what Cummins has done for India, on the another hand we want to know that where are the so called True Indians and their help during this horrible time? Will they always be busy in counting money and handling their Twitter handles discussing issues or will they really put in efforts to help? And the most tough decision for Cummins will be to figure out if he has done the right thing to donate to PM CARES as this is a private fund with no auditing. 

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