Earth Day: Restore Our Earth

Earth Day: Restore Our Earth

During this one more year of pandemic, the focus of 2021 Earth Day was on protecting and conserving our environment. There was a time, where our major issues were Global Warming or Ozone Layer but no one has never thought of dying of a new pandemic called ‘Covid-19’. 

Every year we celebrate Earth Day to appreciate and to show respect to our bountiful Mother nature for all the battles she is fighting just to keep us safe and secure. This start as a movement in 1970 and turned out into a celebration. 

The theme for the Earth Day 2021 is “Restore the Earth” and it lays it main focus upon using natural processes and emerging Green technologies to to restore world’s ecosystem and rejects the notion that only mitigation or adaptation could address climate change. 

According to the, the following topics will be discussed at the digital event on April 22:

Climate and environmental literacy, Climate restoration technologies, Reforestation efforts, Regenerative agriculture, Equity and environmental justice, Citizen science. 

Antonio Guterres, United Nations Secretary General in his message on Earth Day said, ”As we mark Earth Day, our planet is at a tipping point. Recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic is a chance to set the world on a cleaner, greener, more sustainable path. We must end our war on nature and nurse it back to health.”  

Not only this, Climate Activist Licypriya Kangujam took to Twitter,shared her picture and wrote: ”Everyday is Earth Day for me. We need to treat our planet with love and respect everyday, not just one day. Happy Earth Day everyone.” 

Here we are sharing some quotes said by great personalities about their Mother Earth: 

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed.  – Mahatma Gandhi 

Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better. – Albert Einstein

The earth has music for those who listen.  – William Shakespeare

I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things we could use.  –Mother Teresa

 All these are the eminent figures who has done a lot good for our world. 

Not only the foreigners but even Indians celebrate Earth Day with quite enthusiasm and while sharing her love for Earth, Actress Kangana Ranaut said, “Whether we eat, wear or build,every thing we borrow from her, your phone, computer, make up all she generously let you dig out of her. We also need to ask ourselves what did we give back to her? She hates plastic/chemical fertilisers and loves plant and animal kingdom”. 

Let’s pledge on this Earth Day that we will take every measure from our end that could save or even have a better effect on our Earth, the planet that is our first home. 

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