Irish Themed ‘Virtual’ St. Patricks Day 2021 Celebrations

Irish Themed ‘Virtual’ St. Patricks Day 2021 Celebrations

A day observed and feasted on as a celebration and a public holiday in Ireland and many more countries St. Patricks Day is a festival commemorated as a cultural and religious event on March 17th every year in the memory of the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick.

St. Patrick is publically acknowledged for bringing Christianity into Ireland by explaining the Holy trinity with the three leaves of Shamrock with each leaf representing the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit respectively. This day is celebrated all around the world in the remembrance of Ireland’s diaspora and the country’s historical emigration due to Potato Famine between 1845 to 1854.

The festivities of this day involve public parades, gatherings and lavish feasts with some traditional music and Irish culture themed green dresses or Shamrocks with a glass or two of Guinness to wash down the generous feast as a part of Ireland’s tradition. This day has been marked as the ‘Global Greening Initiative’ since past few years and various landmarks in different parts of the world are lit up in green to celebrate this Irish Festival.

The day has arrived but as we see the pandemic situation continues to hinder daily life making it seem difficult to celebrate this day socially as a grand event that it is. Amid Covid-19 the public celebrations may have been jeopardized in the observation of pandemic rules and restrictions to maintain safety but it certainly won’t dampen the high spirits of this festival as people can now celebrate it in a unique way!

Socially there may be a distance but virtual celebrations have got you covered this year. With a common theme of virtual Parades many countries are celebrating online events, young pupils have been recording small gathering parades in their backyards and uploading on various social media platforms to keep the spirits uplifted and to help people enjoy the big day with same the level of excitement and merriment. In Kilkenny, online events with music, animation, art and storytelling are all lined up! So this year worry not and keep your spirits high- Grab on your green shirts and raise a glass of Guinness to Irish-themed Virtual St. Patricks Day 2021.

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