Missing Indonesian Submarine KRI Nanggala 402 Sinks Without Any Survivors

Missing Indonesian Submarine KRI Nanggala 402 Sinks Without Any Survivors

With the responsibility burdened on the shoulder to locate the Indonesian missing submarine, the defence minister on Thursday ordered the IAF to investigate the feasibility of the DSRV intervention system by airway. As reported, the Indian Navy’s DSRV system has the capacity to pinpoint a submarine within up to 1000mts.

KRI Nanggala 402 went missing with 53 crew members in the waters of the north of Bali Wednesday. The German-built underwater ship has the potential of oxygen supply for the next three days after the power runs out. Well, an oil spill was spotted, giving an indication that this could be the submerging point. However, it also signalled a fatal disclosure of the entire missing case.

The vessel scheduled a training exercise, asked for a permit to dive. Shortly after that, the vessel lost all its contact with the authorities.

The hunt associated Singapore, Malaysia, the US and Australia engaging 2 dozens of warships that covered 10 square nautical miles.

Last Thursday, the Indonesian military reported that they picked up a signal of one ceratin object nearby with a high magnetism at a depth of 50- 100 meters.

However, the recent briefing genuinely delivers a grieving update that confirms that the missing submarine sank without a sign of survivors. 

The Navy Chief Of Staff Adm Yudo Margono said on Saturday, that the rescuers of the mission found a variety of items including –

  • Torpedo straightener
  • A grease bottle believed to oil the periscope
  • Prayer rugs

In this concern Mr Margono comments on a press conference ‘With the authentic evidence we found believed to be from the submarine, we have now moved from the submarine miss’ phase to submarine sunk,’

An American Reconnaissance P-8 Poseidon from Saturday along with 20 Indonesian ships paired with sonar equipped Australian warships and Indosenian aircraft assisted in the whole rescue mission which ultimately brought a piece of upsetting news. 

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