The infamous killer of Amityville found dead at 69

The infamous killer of Amityville found dead at 69

Ronald DeFeo who was a convicted murderer in the famous Amityville horror case was found dead at Albany Medical center.

DeFeo killed his father, mother, and four siblings in 1954. This incident became an inspiration for books and movies. The real killer’s terror had spread through Long Island in that year. He died on Friday serving 25 years to life sentence at the Sullivan correctional facility in New York. He was shifted to the Albany medical center and was pronounced dead at 6:35. The cause of the death is not known until now and will be discovered after the autopsy report.

DeFeo was 23 when he murdered his entire family in cold blood. He used a point 35-Caliber marlin lever-action rifle to slaughter his family while they were in bed. The parents were shot twice and he shot the siblings once. When he was asked the reason for his action at the trial he said he heard voices that his family was conspiring against him. He claims to have killed only his parents and his elder sister, Dawn. According to him the other siblings were murdered by Dawn. Later, the house was bought by other people but they left it after 28 days reporting paranormal activities.

The film Amityville horror was released in 2005 which was directed by Andrew Douglas and starred Ryan Reynolds and Melissa George. The movie garnered audience attention because it was based on the real-life incident of the mass murderer – Ronald DeFeo.

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