Co-producer of ‘The Humpty Dance,’ Shock G Dies At 57 In Tampa

Co-producer of ‘The Humpty Dance,’ Shock G Dies At 57 In Tampa

The co-producer of ‘The Humpty Dance’ Shock G found dead in a hotel in Tampa, Florida as reported by his father. Shock G was born as Gregory Jacobs and belonged from Tampa and took his last breath in Tampa itself, in a  suspicious death. He along with Chopmaster J and Kenny K founded the Digital Underground which he eventually disbanded in 2008. 

Jacobs was undoubtedly a package who showcased his talent as a kid too. In 1978 he won the ‘Most Talented’ award in Greco Junior High. Moreover, his aliases during the shows display that he was born a performer. 

Digital Underground debuted with ‘Sex Packet’ in 1990 however the band gained attention with ‘The Humpty Dance’.  Besides being a musician, he also produced Shakur’s single ‘So many tears’ in 1995.

He also collaborated with Bobby Brown, Dr De and Prince. On this sudden death, the co-founder of Digital Underground Chopmaster J states in his Instagram post “34 years ago almost to the day we had a wild idea we can be a hip-hop band and take on the world through it all, the dream became a reality and the reality became a nightmare for some”. 

Digital Underground rose, with its funkadelic’s, elastic funk and outlandish performances, sometimes goofy stage appearances and wearing costumes that gave the band a unique identity.

However Gregory left the band, but no other look will be remembered like ‘The Humpty Dance ’. He was also featured in some notable videos like-

  • Close the crackhouse in 1992 by X-Chan
  • Crazy in 2008 by Maddie Later
  • We are all the same gang 1990 in Westcoast All-Stars

He also worked as a voice-over for his character in Tupac Shakur’s biopic ‘All Eyez On Me’. He specialized in piano that gave him the alias ‘The piano man’. He was a performer in Funk, Jazz and dance. He also contributed his talent in 2Pacs breakthrough single ‘ I get Around’. He also was a co-producer of 2Pac’s debut album ‘2Pacalypse Now’.

Chopmaster J states that ‘Humpty Dancer is that masterpiece delivered to the music industry as a paragon example that will rule the classic hip hop genre for another 30 years for sure.  In the meantime, Jacobs’ father ensures that an autopsy will be carried out on the mysterious death of his son giving the fans a ray of hope for a satisfying closer.

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